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3 heavys started building a tower, rest of the server decided to join.

3 heavys started building a tower, rest of the server decided to join.

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  1. Moonkey Reply

    Team Fortress: A Fortress made out of Teams.

  2. Irkedtwe Reply

    Now they all need to camera spin and start shooting while someone takes a screencap.

  3. whotheFUCKletthedogsout Reply

    This is sausage to me.

  4. senelson Reply


  5. ImSorryForTheLackOfApostrophe Reply

    Human Centistairway to Heaven

  6. LoneDirewolf Reply

    Is this like ANTZ, where Stallone’s ant holds up everyone

  7. CiriusTrio Reply


  8. Soyousaid Reply

    300 hp in TF2? 300 divided by 100 is 3. Half life 3 confirmed.

  9. HaveTheyGotAnyChips Reply

    this is sausage to me

  10. Jrau18 Reply

    Now that’s some sausage that I wouldn’t mind having.

  11. GROW1GetRapedOnWalk Reply

    Where were you, when they built the human centistairway to heaven?

  12. blewinfromstupidtown Reply

    This is from Team Fortress 2. It’s some kind of game. You’re welcome.

  13. redwytnblak Reply

    I don’t know what this is…but it looks impossible.

  14. Eljews Reply

    Whoa, that’s heavy, man.

  15. TopGunfortheloveofplanes Reply

    Now shoot in all directions and take a photo.

  16. Kasoni Reply

    I don’t think that is how you make a human centipede.

  17. GROW1GetRapedOnWalk Reply

    Do you even tower?

  18. 1Rogue Reply

    Ah yes. The pootis tower

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