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7 Things a Housekeeper Won’t Tell You, but Wants You to Know

7 Things a Housekeeper Won't Tell You, but Wants You to Know

Having a housekeeper maintaining your home fresh and clean on a regular basis and relieving you from the house chores you dont really have any time or desire for is a dream come true. Some people consider it as a luxury, and theyre right to a certain extent, as not everybody is able to or afford house cleaning services or wants to spend his/her money on them. But, for the people, who decide to enlist the help of a professional house cleaner, its a total necessity.

Therere a few things that come in hand with the convenience of hiring a specially designated person, essentially a stranger, to clear up the mess and make your home comfortable and spotless, though. Its not even the awkwardness of letting someone clean up after you, but the expectations and the attitude most people have to the profession.

Herere the things an average housekeeper or house cleaner wont normally say to the people he/she works for, but would really like the clients to take into consideration.

Things your housekeeper wont tell you

1. Unless you ask me, I wont bring my cleaning products

Dont get confused here. Generally, occasional house cleaning professionals bring their supplies and cleaning products unless their clients ask them to use specific products they have at their houses if they have such a preference or need to stick to the specific cleaners due to the personal issues (most commonly, allergies). But, when it comes to a housekeeper, who works for multiple clients, shes not supposed to bring a bundle of products, brooms, mops and vacuums to your house. Shell use the supplies you have at home.

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Thus, the quality of her operation and the cleanliness of your home will depend on your conscious effort to provide her with everything she needs to keep your place clean. Some housekeepers arent against buying the supplies for the client (when the expenses are compensated, of course), but theyll still store those at the clients house/apartment.  

2. Im not a cleaning fairy

Yes, Im a professional cleaner who has to know the job and perform at a high level. But, I dont have a magic wand to tidy the entire 3-story house in less than two hours. Do you want me to wipe down the windows, scrub your bathrooms, dust the surfaces, do the dishes and laundry, deal with your clutter and deep clean your carpet before your business partner’s or spouses parents arrive? Call me beforehand then, as Im not a magic broom.

3. Im not a dog walker/babysitter/grocery shopper/button stitching person either

Dont get me wrong, if Im on the good terms with my clients and I have free time, I may pick up extra chores occasionally. But, you cant expect me to do all the random tasks youre not coping with just because Im there. Ill do what Im paid for and what Im qualified to do. Do you want someone to walk your dog? Find a pet walker/sitter or pay me to do that if I agree to.

4. A reasonable notice is highly appreciated

Everyone understands thats quite rude not to let a hairdresser, a babysitter, a pool cleaner, a dentist or other kind of service provider know that youre going to cancel the appointment or stop hiring them in advance. Housekeepers appreciate the same treatment. And they totally deserve it. No one would like to waste his time to come to work to find out that its canceled or to hear about the fact that hes fired and has no job without having some time to find another source of income.

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5. I cant read your mind to figure out how you want me to do certain things

Its completely understandable that different clients have different house cleaning approaches and may set certain requirements for their housekeepers. But, please, speak out and let me know if you need me to do something this way, but not the other instead of being disappointed at me, but not telling why.

6. I know stuff, but Ill keep my mouth shut

I clean your house and know more that you may want me to. But, lets be real, youre the one who hired me for the job, thus you presumed that a complete stranger will go through your things to clean up your home. I may find the stuff in your kids bedroom youre not even aware of. I might notice something you dont suspect or want anyone to know. But, unless it threatens someone safety, I wont tell anyone.

7. I dont deserve the look

I may not work as an attorney at a fancy law firm, a financial consultant or a popular interior designer. But, I work probably just as hard as you do to earn my money. And, unless you prove me wrong, Im great at what Im doing. So, dont feel like youre entitled to look down on me. Lets be kind and respectful to one another and appreciate each others work.

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