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Anti-Islam rally draws around 200 to Islamic Community Center

The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix drew hundreds of protesters in May when law enforcement announced that the two men who had launched a failed attack on Pamela Gellers Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas, were regular worshipers at the center.

Today, anti-Islam groups organizing under the name “Global Rally for Humanity” planned protests “in every country at every mosque,” according to the group’s Facebook event page.We’d guess the groups fell short of that goal, although protesters set up events in at least 20 American cities.

One of those cities was Phoenix, whereonce again protesters assembled outside theIslamic Community Center. Reporters on the scene estimate a maximum turnout of 200 or so. A handful of Muslims and other counter-protesters appeared as well, although there were no events planned at the center on Saturday, so the protest took place in front of what was essentially an empty building.

Somebody had to be first.

The event reportedly attracted a handful of neo-Nazis.

Police said the arrest had nothing to do with the rally but was related to an outstanding warrant for one of the attendees.

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