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Are Climate Controlled Dog Houses Worth the Price

Are Climate Controlled Dog Houses Worth the Price

If you are in the market for a dog house, you obviously have every intent of keeping your dog happy and healthy, but many dog houses will do quite the opposite. A dog house in the summer time can be far too hot for a dog to spend any time in, and in the winter time, it may provide no warmth at all. That is why many people are choosing to buy climate controlled dog houses for those times when they need or want to keep their dog outdoors.

It’s true that technically dogs can live outdoors in almost any weather, but the dogs we have today, the dogs that we have domesticated, are not used to those living conditions and it is not fair to make them fend for themselves when we have the tools at hand to make them comfortable. If your dog chooses to spend a lot of time outdoors or you need to put them out there for some reason, then climate controlled dog houses are ideal.

When you are looking into this type of dog house, it is important that you fully understand how the climate controlled aspect of it works. If you will only be using the dog house in the summer time and need to keep your dog cool, then don’t waste your time on a heated dog house. Alternatively, if your dog will be spending most of his or her time in the dog house in the winter, it may be that they only need a heating device.

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Climate controlled dog houses are generally larger than normal ones, in part because the heat or the cold can be overwhelming in a small area. Therefore, even if you have a small dog, you might end up with a large dog house. That being said, your dog will be a lot more comfortable with more room. You might even have room for their favorite blanket or pillow, bone, some food, some water, and some toys!

Generally speaking, climate controlled dog houses are also better insulated than normal dog houses, in an effort to save on heating or cooling (just like you would have in your own house). The heater or cooler is usually quite small yet powerful and often has a built-in allergen filter so that your dog’s hair and dander can be filtered out of the dog house. This will help protect them from flea and tick attacks.

The heating or cooling element on these houses is run on the outside, and you will even find some that can be run by remote control, so if you know what your dog’s favorite temperature is, you can set it and forget it from wherever you are! This may seem like a lot of luxury for a pooch, but a dog that is in a dog house that is too hot or too cold is not healthy or happy. By providing them with the right climate, you are doing the best you can for them.

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