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building a house 2×4 vs 2×6 – Index of /shared/assets/Image/Green Building

building a house 2×4 vs 2×6Index of /shared/assets/Image/Green Building

The sun beat down from overhead with this kind of intensity I had been breaking out in a sweat whilst sitting in the color. I used ton’t mind the heat so much, I was only glad to be outside. Yet, it did slow the speed of our progress at the construction website.

I will acknowledge that building houses was not in my own job description. A grin crossed my face, not because I felt joyful, but because I was truly happy. I welcomed a gentle breeze which suddenly swept round the scene and took my own thoughts with it. My mind began to wonder. Just how did I arrive here?

For many years I had the dream of living abroad, learning a new language and experiencing another culture. Are not there something more to life than regular and monotony? Sometimes I’d often wonder if most everyone was really waking at the morning motivated by the work they were doing and how their lifestyles were unfolding. I needed a change. I desired to become actively involved with something positive that could give me a feeling of purpose. Does that also exist, and if yes where do I register? Perhaps it’s easier said than done. Can anyone really transform the world? I desired to discover.

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and making decent, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and activity. Habitat just started a brand new International Volunteer Program (IVP) to get long term volunteers and I had been the 1st to go through the program. My official name was that the Volunteer Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean. I felt this is a tremendous opportunity since the organization was constructed and existed on the aid of volunteers. Starting out I had been somewhat on edge, in the time I found my groove within the Habitat framework. It was unbelievable – that I was actually enjoying office job. I took part in the creation of materials like an volunteer manual, interview guides, and test forms. I caused a task force for its continuous advancement of the IVP program. I handled an on-site volunteer training program at El Salvador. Yet the greatest part about my job was having to work alongside other volunteers, people who were there not because that they must be but were there only because they desired to be.

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As far as the volunteers have been concerned my job was to coordinate home and arrival logistics, then administer orientations, and encourage them throughout their stay. There was this kind of charm between the volunteers I would often go on it a step further and plan weekend trips and after work excursions. We finished up not simply changing the lifestyles of many others, however, changing the lives of each other. Working together with Habitat gave me the confidence to believe I can accomplish any task, but more importantly it gave me a more real sense of satisfaction in being ready to work hard at work worth doing.

As often as I could I would break out from the workplace and take volunteers on build trips to Habitat building landscapes during Costa Rica. It was heart warming to see first hand the culmination of work. Out at the sight we’d work alongside the benefiting Habitat family that was always very open-minded, friendly, and appreciative of the help. The scene was a amazing amalgamation of cultures, economic backgrounds, and faith. The common bond that tied us together wasn’t the simple thought of developing a home. Just seeing every one working, laughing, grinning, and discussing created a feeling so rich with emotion that I made me rethink the way I defined riches. Your home was symbolic greater than only a place of residence. It represented a unity, a coming together, along with an inherent understanding of equality which we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives. As cliché as it might sound, it had been true. We’re not just building houses, but we were building lives.

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Index of /shared/assets/Image/Green Building

Index of /shared/assets/Image/Green Building

Internationally or conflict settlement or individual rights, poverty or the surroundings – it’s disheartening to consider there are many methods of getting involved and give back to the global community. However, these dilemmas exist not to create despair but activity. It isn’t important where you begin to get started making positive gifts just for as long as you make the decision to actually start somewhere. Eventually, this is among the toughest decisions to create. I chose the movement of eliminating poverty housing. Did I eliminate poverty housing? Maybe not even close. Can I succeed? Definitely! The serenity of my experience taught me that I cannot get rid of poverty home, which led me to this answer I was searching for. Perhaps 1 person can’t change the planet, however, the planet can surely change for one person. And it’s this domino effect, that if spread across the planet we could, collectively, reach the unthinkable and create a world that reflects the warmth of humanity in the place of its indifference.

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