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building a house near transmission lines

building a house near transmission linesTruck Tool Boxes: Store Tools In A Wheel Well Tool Box

I used ton’t mind the heat, I was just glad to be out. Yet it did impede the rate of our progress at the construction website. It had been grinding job between digging, mixing concrete, putting blocks, and bending rebar, all which I had little to no working expertise in.

I’ll admit that building houses was not in my job description. A smile crossed my face, not because I felt much more refreshed, but because I was truly happy. I welcomed a gentle breeze which unexpectedly swept across the landscape and took my own thoughts withit. My mind began to wonder. How can I get here?

Wasn’t there something more to life than regular and monotony? At times I would often wonder if most everyone was really getting up in the morning motivated by the job they were doing and how their lifestyles were unfolding. I needed a change. I desired to become actively engaged in something positive that will give me a feeling of purpose. Does that also exist, and if so where do I sign up? However, I finally chose and began to see this fantasy when I traveled to Costa Rica in a whim and found myself volunteering with Habitat for Humanity International. Can one person really change the world? I wanted to find out.

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and making decent, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and actions. Habitat only started a brand new International Volunteer Program (IVP) to get long-term volunteers and I was the 1st to experience the app. My official name was the Volunteer Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean. I felt this was a tremendous opportunity since the company was built and existed on the support of volunteers. Getting started I was somewhat on edge, in the time I found my groove over the Habitat framework. It was incredible – I was actually enjoying off ice work. I participate in the creation of materials such as a volunteer manual, meeting guides, and evaluation forms. I worked with a taskforce for its continuous advancement of the IVP program. I handled an onsite volunteer training plan in El Salvador. The best part about my job was having to work along side other volunteers, those who weren’t because they must be but were there simply because they wished to become.

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So far as the volunteers have been concerned, my role was to coordinate housing and coming logistics, administer orientations, and encourage them through the duration of their stay. There is this type of charisma amongst the volunteers I’d often simply take it a step farther and plan weekend trips and after-work excursions. We wound up not simply altering the lifestyles of others, but shifting the lifestyles of each other. Dealing together with Habitat gave me the confidence to believe that I can accomplish any endeavor, however more importantly it gave me a real sense of fulfillment in to be ready to work hard at work worth doing.

Normally as I could I’d break away from the office and take volunteers build trips to Habitat building landscapes throughout Costa Rica. It was heartwarming to see firsthand the culmination of work. Out at the sight we’d work alongside the benefiting Habitat family who was always very receptive, helpful, and respectful of the help. The spectacle was a amazing amalgamation of civilizations, economic backgrounds, and faith. The common bond which tied us together wasn’t the easy thought of developing a home. Just watching everyone working, laughing, smiling, and sharing created a feeling so rich with emotion it made me rethink the way I recognized wealth. Your home was symbolic of more than only a place of dwelling. It symbolized a unity, a coming together, and also an inherent understanding of equality which we’ll carry together for the rest of our lives. As cliché as it may sound, it was true. We were not just building houses, but we were building resides.

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BenJ's EB DOHC T5 Ghia Wagon

BenJ’s EB DOHC T5 Ghia Wagon

About 75,000 Rohingyas in Myanmar camps: Refugee

About 75,000 Rohingyas in Myanmar camps: Refugee

Truck Tool Boxes: Store Tools In A Wheel Well Tool Box

Truck Tool Boxes: Store Tools In A Wheel Well Tool Box

Internationally or conflict settlement or individual rights, poverty or the surroundings – it’s disheartening to consider that there are many methods to get involved and give back to the global community. However, these problems exist to not create despair but activity. It doesn’t matter where you start to begin making positive gifts equally as long when you make your decision to actually start somewhere. Fundamentally, this is one of the toughest decisions to make. I decided the movement of eliminating poverty housing. Did I eradicate poverty housing? Not really close. Can I succeed? Absolutely! The calmness of my experience taught me that I alone cannot eliminate poverty home, that directed me to this answer I was looking for. Perhaps one man can’t change the entire world, however, the world can surely change for a single person. And it’s this domino effect, that should spread across the planet we could, collectively, achieve the unimaginable and create a world that reflects the heat of humankind as an alternative of its indifference.

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