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Building the Ultimate PS4

Building the Ultimate PS4

– Ken, do you have anything
to say for yourself? About this abomination,
about this travesty that's in front of me right now? I didn't think so. Hey you guys, this is Austin. This disaster that sits in front of me are some of the most
popular PS4 accessories. Now sure, unlike a gaming PC
which you can fully customize, a PS4 is pretty much what you
get is, well, what you get.

However, what I'm curious about is whether any of this stuff is remotely worth it. So to start with, we
have the Nyko Intercooler so they claim that this
is going to direct hot air away from the console, which
in theory is going to be a thing that actually
could be really helpful, especially with the old, fat PS4, it could get really loud under load. So one of the things that
drew me to the Intercooler is that this actually is
fairly well-integrated into the PS4 design, so as
you'll see in a second here, it basically just clips right on. And that's pretty much it.

So what we can have here is,
it looks like one large fan and a couple of smaller
fans, and the cool part is, it actually has its own power pass-through so you don't need to
turn this thing on or off or run any extra cables, it
should just go on the back. This just clips into place, I think. That actually integrates
pretty well, I've gotta say. So it's even the sort of same
two-toned finish on the back, you still have access to all of your ports and you can still plug in
the power cable right here.

Now I'm curious how
well it'll actually work but it's worth a shot. So if you're rocking the PS4 Slim or Pro then Dobe has you covered. So this is the P4 series
multi-functional cooling stand. And we'll see exactly how
multi-functional it really is.

So the idea here is that not
only can you actually get a stand, but you can also
mount your controllers as well as some games
all in the one stand. So here. (Laughs) This is a little bit bigger. This product can decrease
the temperature for the PS4 effectively, improving its performance and decreasing the power loss.

The power loss? So while these cooling
products claim to lower the temperature of the PS4, that really shouldn't
give you more performance. The real advantage and the
thing that I'm going to be looking for is if temperatures come down, in theory, fan noise should
come down and potentially longevity of your PS4 should
be improved a little bit, but we'll see. So this is made for
everything from the fat PS4 to the Slim to the Pro. So if you have a Slim, it drops in here but if we have the Pro,
we should just be able to get it in something like this.

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Actually, it fits pretty well. So there's nothing really
holding it in besides friction. On the bottom, we do
have those, wait what? It's really only pulling a
little bit of air from here. I mean, they look like reasonable
sized fans but how is that gonna drive any significant
airflow into the PS4? Next up, we have something
a little bit more simple.

This is a PS4 USB hub. So as the name suggests,
it's pretty straightforward. It turns the two USB ports on the front of the PS4 into five. So this is specifically
made for the fat PS4.

So in the back, we have
a pair of USB ports and on the front, we have one USB 3, which is a pass-through,
and four standard USB 2. It should be pretty much as
simple as just lining it up and that's it. Again, I appreciate how
well this actually fits with the original design, so even with this and the intercooler, it doesn't really look
like a Frankenstein. I mean, at least not yet.

Now it's time for the big guns. This is the DongCoh Game Bar. Now that name doesn't
really tell you much, but what this is going to allow you to do is install a full desktop
hard drive into your PS4. Infinity storage, super speed,
dissipation, and stability.

Man, I am excited for this one. Oh boy, here we go. Oh that looks like a lot. So this is going to
require just a little bit of surgery on our PS4.

However, it's not going to be bad. So the PS4, as well as
the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, all have removable hard drives. So what this is going to allow us to do is instead of using a
small 2.5 Inch drive like from a laptop, to actually
use a full desktop drive. This is feeling like a dumber
and dumber idea each second.

So essentially, this should kind of go and replace this top piece. So this glossy piece right
here just pops right off and inside, normally, you would just replace the hard drive here. However, it's gonna be a little bit more involved with this guy. So to start, we're gonna take
out the puny 500-gigabyte hard drive in favor of something
just a little bit beefier.

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So to really go all out,
we're upgrading this with a four-terabyte hard drive. However, this actually
supports up to six terabytes if you really need all
the storage you can. On top of that, they
actually just announced a new PS4 firmware update that
will allow you to actually put games on external USB drives. So if you really wanna get crazy with it, you could put a ton of
storage in your PS4.

So I just need to set the
SATA cable in like that and I can close the whole thing up. So all this is is really
just a pass-through. So once we're ready, we just
slide it into the standard PS4 slot and screw it in. Alright, here goes nothing.

So we want to run all
of our power and data through this little slot. Get around here. Okay, that actually kinda works. Now we just need to drop
the hard drive in like this and doesn't seem very
stable, but besides that, we just have to attach
the cable and in theory, we pretty much have a four-terabyte PS4.

Uh-oh. It totally fits. (Laughs) We have created a monster. Dude, if this is about to
work, I'm gonna be so happy.

It totally fits! This is, I gotta say, this
might be the proudest moment of my entire life, this is a masterpiece of elegant Japanese engineering,
or it's all Ken's fault. So one quick firmware update later, we have the ultimate
Frankenstein PS4 up and running, and as you can hear, it's kind of loud. We also have the Energizer
Xtra Life for the controller. So this is a dock that comes
with an external battery that clips on the bottom of the controller so it doesn't really get in the way when you're actually playing a game.

First thing, I wanna check
to see if our storage is here so yep, there we go, 3.51
Terabytes of free space. Now, with so many PS4s
shipping with a 500-gigabyte hard drive, it can really
get cramped quickly. So this is Uncharted
4 and it looks, well, exactly like Uncharted 4. So what I'm curious about
are the temperatures.

I can pretty confidently
say that this is louder than a normal PS4, but I'm curious whether that loudness
actually does anything. So the PS4 with the intercooler
and the cooling stand topped out around 49
degrees with the exhaust. However, when you take all
that stuff off and run it, it tops out at about 50. That shouldn't be a huge surprise.

So the intercooler is just
adding additional fans for the exhaust, it's still
restricted by how much intake air can actually get into the PS4. Now the cooling stand
in theory would actually help things by giving it some fresh air. However, the actual
intakes themselves are tiny and really not able to
make a big difference. So is any of this worth it? Kind of.

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So first of all, the
Energizer Xtra Life dock is actually not bad. The dock itself is clean,
but most importantly, the battery doesn't get in the way, it legitimately does give
you extra time on the PS4. Which brings us to the Game Bar. So on one hand, it
actually works really well.

Once you get past the setup,
it's completely seamless, and if you really do need four
or six terabytes of storage with your PS4, then it's
kind of a no-brainer. However, if you don't
need that much storage, it's a lot easier to just
install a one- or two-terabyte hard drive, and on top of
that, the update to allow you to put games on a USB
drive is coming soon. I do really like the USB hub. So with the PS4 only having two USB ports, especially if you have something
like PlayStation VR set up, those ports disappear quickly.

Which brings us to the
intercooler and the cooling stand. Don't buy these. The intercooler, while it
actually does integrate pretty well and doesn't
really hurt anything, I'm not convinced it actually
makes difference whatsoever. Now the stand does give you a few options like being able to dock your controllers, as well as in theory giving
you a little bit more cooling, but again, I don't really
believe it's actually making any significant difference.

As always, all the links you guys need to any of this stuff will
be in the description if you wanna go check
it out, and I'm curious, what do you think about this monstrosity? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one..

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