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Cop rappelling down a NYC apartment building to tranquilize a tiger

Cop rappelling down a NYC apartment building to tranquilize a tiger

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  1. AntiDownVoteActivist Reply

    Halle and both her berries

  2. ThisUsernameWillNeverGetMeTopComment Reply

    MY USERNAME IS SUDDENLY RELEVANT! Wait, no its not…. Maybe?

  3. thornix Reply

    Go home tiger you’re drunk

  4. a2112drummer Reply

    I didn’t know Mike Tyson moved to NYC.

  5. PedanticYetEarnest Reply

    Noooo, don’t say that! Hobbes will stay young and friendly forever!

  6. tokega Reply

    Don’t be!

  7. Jericobot Reply

    come at me bro

  8. labiator Reply

    I wonder how many burglars it ate.

  9. imnotthatdude Reply


  10. iridessa Reply

    I think there’s a reason this doesn’t have any comments yet… I hope both of them are safe now.

  11. iDuckingLoveSemicolons Reply

    I own one already though.. his name is jasper and he’s the cutest tiger cub. For some reason he has ‘webkinz’ on his paw and doesn’t move..

  12. theincrediblemachine Reply

    “Well kids, in the fall of 2012 (known as the fall of breakups) we didn’t have a goat in the bathroom, this time it was a Tiger.”

  13. Westly Reply

    Apparently, there was a senior living facility across the street, and they would see the tiger, and would say, but no one believed them…

  14. solkanarmy Reply

    also, isn’t it abseiling? rappelling is calling back

  15. OsoLoco13 Reply

    yep===he’s gonna shoot his eye out!

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