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He Saw What Looked Like A Ghost In His Apartment Hallway…And Approached It

We’ve all seen something scary while walking down a street, a hallway, or in a forest that made us say, “Nope!”

It’s not too uncommon, but none of these situations are quite as freaky as what this guy saw super early in the morning in his apartment building. The crazy thing is that he didn’t just turn around and walk in the other direction. He actually approached it.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Here’s a closer look.

This is when I would have turned the other way.

But this guy kept going!

Until he finally realized…

…that it was completely harmless.

Nothing to be afraid of, folks!

(via Reddit)

Even though this ended up being totally normal, I definitely would not have walked toward it! Whatever I was planning on doing that morning, I would have just had to skip it.

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