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Highway through a Building StoryONLY in JAPAN

Highway through a Building StoryONLY in JAPAN

HIGHWAY THROUGH A BUILDING STORY. Quite often when you see something unbelievable on the internet you dont know whether or not it is fake or real Behind me is Osakas Gate Tower Building and believe me  its real! Thats right! Going through that building is a highway. Osaka is Japans second largest metropolitan area located in the heart of the Kansai region. Not far from Osaka station lies one of the worlds most peculiar buildings.

From above, its easy to see why but from building level, the GATE TOWER BUILDING is just ridiculous Theres a story behind this building but before I get into that, I wanted to go inside the TKP Gate Tower Building and find out what exactlys on those middle floors. I got permission from the building owner to give you a look around. First I had to pin down which floors the highway was located I quickly found out those floors simple dont exist. 1 2 3 4 The elevator simply doesnt stop on the highway level.

In the lobby, you can see it listed though. Floors 5 6 and 7 are the Hanshin Expressway But the 8th floor was a conference room so I asked to take a look from up there The elevator took me above the highway Yup! You can watch the cars go straight though the building. From an adjacent building, you can see that the expressway curves below my postion on the 8th floor. It never actually touches the building.

It passes thorough suspended on a bridge surrounded by a  tunnel to prevent noise and vibrations to the surrounding floors. On the 5th to 7th floors is a stairwell, elevator and some machinery By the way, the highway is the legal tenant of floors 5 through 7 About 1500 meters away is Osakas famous UMEDA SKY BUILDING. With the highest escalators in the world From there, you can get an amazing view of the city and the GATE TOWER BUILDING. Youre probably wondering why the Hanshin Expressway is passing through the building, right? Its basically a land rights dispute with a sort of happy ending The property was owned by a business since the early Meiji era but when the business declined, so did the buildings The area was approved to be redeveloped in 1983 but the property holder refused to give up the land, even though new building permits had been refused They negotiated for 5 years and this was the compromise Now its part of Osakas fast growing skyline.

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Seen it, been in it, and now its time to drive through it In a 1996 LOTUS Seven. We got on the Hanshin Expressway one stop away from the Gate Tower Building and Umeda Exit Lets go! Its a 3km drive This is Yasui-san Yes! This is his wonderful can and hes taking me on a trip through the Gate Tower Building Yes! And hes also  oh! Oh! Look! Look! Thats your company! Yes! Hes the president of a delivery service that gets things speedily to people whereever they are in Japan Yes! It didnt take long to arrive. Felt like we were driving inside a video game to complete a mission Was there anything special about driving through a building like this? When you do it in a LOTUS 7, you bet there is! In reality, its just a tunnel for drivers to pass though, but the visual of it all is just super cool and now I can check it off my list of things to do ONLY in JAPAN. You can get good views of the building on the OSAKA KANJOU SEN.

Or Circular / Loop Line between Osaka and Fukushima Station When you think about it, the shortest route from A to B is a straight line, never mind that this ones curves a little Im just saying more highways should go through more buildings because  its just  simple cooler that way If youre in Osaka, take a look around and see if you can find the crazy building with a highway going through it and  See you next time! Next time I meet up with ONLY in JAPAN regular Kevin Riley and we hear to Nara for a street food guide episode If you liked it, hit that subscribe button and watch another one of ONLY in JAPANs shows Follow me on Instagram: onlyinjapantv See you next time. Mata ne~.

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