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His Wife Asked Him To Make A Towel Rack, But What He Came Up With Is So Much More

Redditor power-cube was in the process of building a master bed and bath addition to his home, when his wife pointed out to him that the room still needed a towel rack and that he needed to “come up with something.”

So that night, as he was watching a fire burn in his backyard fire pit, he noticed a beautiful piece of pine in the flames, pulled it out, and knew exactly what to do with it.

This piece of pine is from a tree that was on the property for over 100 years. The tree had grown to be about 80 feet tall before dying.

First, he power-washed it.

Then he let the pine dry in his workshop.

Using a saw, he leveled the wood, keeping a slight curve so that he could install LED lighting later.

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Next came the bolts for support.

He didn’t want cords from the light hanging down from the wall, so he had to cut into the drywall.

Up it goes!

To give the light more of a “nightlight wash,” he plugged in a dimmer.

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For hooks: these helpful little lizards!

And we’re done!

This is what it looks like when the lights are out.

In the post, power-cube jokes, “One of these days my wife is going to learn not to ask me to make her simple things like a ‘towel rack’?” Does anyone else think maybe his wife knows her husband, and this was her plan all along?

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