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How do you describe this(33) (Vocabulary Building) [ ForB English Lesson ]

How do you describe this(33) (Vocabulary Building) [ ForB English Lesson ]

Hello everyone and welcome back to ForB's
English lesson video. My name's Richard and today I'm going to show you a video and I'd like you to guess what this person is doing. Are you ready? Let's take a look. Alright.

Could you guess what she is doing? Alright, there are two ways to say what she is doing. The first way is, "She is shivering." The second way is, "She is trembling." Alright. So "shiver" and "tremble" both have the same
meaning. It means that when it's cold, your body has
these small vibrations.

So, it's shi… "Shiver" is like this. Or, "tremble" is like this. Alright? So, small vibrations.

Shivering. Trembling. Alright? So let's practice that together. Please repeat after me.

She is shivering. Good. The second way? She is trembling. Very good.

So now you know what your body does when these
small vibrations happen. Alright? So my name's Richard. Hit like, share and subscribe, and I'll
catch you next time..

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