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In-House IT Counsel Or Outsourcing The Tough Debate

In-House IT Counsel Or Outsourcing The Tough Debate

For many decades now, businesses have accepted the presence of IT systems in their services as an imperative for survival and prosperity in their field. From databases to network to communication, IT systems are necessary for any company today that wishes to expand and make good business. However, over recent years the debate has begun to be about whether in-house IT services are better than outsourced IT services. This article looks at this debate in detail and discusses the merits of an outsourced IT department in todays market.

IT Services – Old Ideas

We are all well aware of how important computer based systems have become in running businesses these days. With everything managed either online or on computers, IT systems have gained even more popularity than usual in the past few years in terms of introducing new ways of communicating data. Most companies these days use cloud based services. Cloud services basically act like a phantom computer online that connects several computers and networks online, allowing them access simultaneously and making it easier to communicate within departments and even other offices. Such sophisticated technology offers us more storage, better connectivity, better speed, but it also comes at the price of being handled by an IT professional and serious security concerns. Cloud systems are very small examples of IT systems these days need professional monitoring.

Outsourcing IT Services

Earlier, many companies opted for setting up their own IT departments in order to achieve maximum efficiency. At that time, IT systems were not as sophisticated and setting up your own department cost less than hiring a vendor or a third party to do your IT servicing. Since that time, having an independent It department was a good idea economically. But as everything evolves, especially the market, IT services have also evolved. There are too many companies now that offer IT outsourcing or IT services to other large companies. These companies offer their services independently and basically look over everything that needs fixing, setting up and maintenance. Hence, they are known as IT Solutions companies. Such companies are now more economical for several reasons that are discussed below.

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Why Outsourcing is a Good Idea?

Firstly, hiring a third party for IT services is beneficial because having your won IT department is no longer economical and proves to have unmanageable costs of a system that is not sophisticated enough to be efficient on its own. Also, having one system throughout and then customizing it to every departments needs is more expensive and time consuming. Hiring an outside company means you dont have to worry about any additional costs concerning hiring IT professionals and setting up an entire department. This also means that tailored programs and systems will directly reach every department in the first place, saving money and time and thus, increasing efficiency. Once an outside company provides IT services Dubai, they are responsible for networking and connectivity and maintenance, taking three major worries off the companys back.

Another important thing that IT service providers manage is streamlining all departments to ensure that they all function smoothly as one unit. Any delays in the system will not have to be dealt with directly by the company, but rather by the IT service provider. An IT expert, Mike Alley, mentioned all these points by referencing the fact that IT systems can be a lot more efficient if they are only managing better. Even IT services Dubai aims to provide their customers with top notch services. Hence, the focus of companies should not just be creating IT systems, but also managing them in an efficient way.

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