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One Guy Decided To Explore An Abandoned Hotel. What He Found Sent Chills Down His Spine.

Not all haunted buildings are hospitals or prisons. There’s a hotel in Florida that used to be a bustling and busy tourist stop. It had 4 floors, plus a basement. There were 186 rooms with an attached bar. After a series of hurricanes came to Florida, it was filled with so much sand the hotel had to be shut down. Some say that the owner died inside during the storms and haunts it until this day. One guy decided to explore the abandoned hotel. What he found will give you the creeps.

This is what the hotel looked like originally.

All of the vegetation has grown in and no one maintains it.

This is what’s left of the pool area.

There is still water in the pool, with seaweed, other vegetation and something suspicious swimming around…

Where the welcome desk used to be.

It smelled of death and decay. This was just the start of the graffiti.

Vandals got to almost every part of the hotel.

This little girl was hiding at the back of a room.

The elevator seemed inviting.

Once inside, the explorer climbed up into the shaft to access a different floor.

Some more graffiti inside.

Most of the rooms were badly damaged, but this one remained for the most part intact. The headboard mounts were still attached.

This is what the rooms used to look like.

The graffiti throughout the hotel was unnerving…

This was a section of the hotel that the explorer was warned about. Others said not to venture this far.

Some of the graffiti throughout the hotel was just cute.

The view from the top of the hotel was gorgeous.

You almost forget that it is part of a haunted hotel.

A view of the pool from the roof… and a pentagram. The area was cleared by people…

The girl moved throughout the hotel. Is she lost?

Some of the art was pretty impressive.

Stop trippin… and trespassin.

Then, the adventurer decided to check out the basement. “Beware” wasn’t a good first sign…

Uh-oh. Bad omens.

Some of the machines that were left in the basement, they were stripped of metal.


When the explorer saw this lonely, stretched out man hiding in the back of a room, he nearly had a heart attack. We can see why.

For some reason, a bunny was sitting by itself in the middle of an abandoned room. It was even more unsettling than the slender man.

A message at the very bottom of the basement, at a dead end.

As he was making his way back through the basement, he saw another bunny… He thought.

And then another, hanged in an open room.

Source: Reddit After seeing the lonely rabbits sitting in the dark (and one hanging itself on a metal wire), needless to say he took off. Locals think the hotel is haunted because of how the owner died inside, and all of what he saw… Well, it certainly is creepy. Share what happened inside of this hotel with others, click on the button below.

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