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People Explore Abandoned Buildings All The Time. But What This Guy Found… OMG.

When you run across a creepy, abandoned building, it’s hard not to take a peek inside. (It may actually be physically impossible.) A few years back, this Reddit user explored a strange abandoned building that was attached to his town hall. He never, in a million years, could have guessed what was inside.

This building, attached to the town hall, was completely abandoned and had been for years. It was time to explore.

Underneath a hall that was used for dancing and theater was a row of jail cells.

The doors were heavy and old, and the rooms each had a concrete bed and table inside.

The cells apparently had lots of visitors before.

(There was graffiti everywhere.)

This carving seemed to have been made by an inmate staying inside.

He must have had a lot of time on his hands.

Down we go…

It got pitch dark pretty quickly.

In order to find the light switch, he used his camera’s flash. He immediately freaked out, thinking he was surrounded by people standing in the dark.

The building was full of twist, turns and the most random objects.

Like scattered shopping carts and chairs.

Motors, fans and assorted machinery.

The weirdest part, though, was when they were walking up a set of stairs… and came across this swimming pool.

A swimming pool attached to a jail, offices and a town hall.

At night, with the help of some lighting, it looked even creepier.

The building was like a demented funhouse, with each room containing something stranger than the one before.

Like this one, for instance, covered in moss underneath a skylight.

Or some of the offices, literally packed with old technology.

And whatever this was.

A creepy, abandoned building wouldn’t be complete without its own sauna.

As they ventured further underground, they kept finding different kinds of rooms. This one had blueprints stacked everywhere.

It seemed to be a machine shop of some sort.

After seeing this, it would be time for me to go. As in, run.

Don’t worry, there was ALSO a laundry with industrial sized washers and driers.

And, for some reason, an unreasonable amount of chairs.

The creepiest part of this building wasn’t the fact that it was abandoned. It was the design and layout, which was apparently planned by someone who was legitimately insane. “A pool, jail house, garage, machine shop and theater? All together? Why not.”

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The building is known as the Bruce Street Baths and Swimming Pool, located in Scotland. It used to be a public bath house, which was common at one point in history, but who knows why there were isolation cells attached to it…


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