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Pics, on-scene reports: Heavy gunfire as mob storms US embassy in Yemen!/WomanfromYemen/status/246161757230477312

Chaos and violence continued to spread in the Middle East today as a mob shouting “death to America” stormed the U.S. embassy compound in Sanaa, Yemen, setting fires, burning the American flag and looting the embassy.

Protestors in Yemen have now broken thru main gate of US Embassy in Yemen. Reuters says 'hundreds' Sky sources say several thousand in total

— Tim Marshall (@Itwitius) September 13, 2012

Protesters chanting "death to America" outside U.S. Embassy in Yemen. American flag was burned.

— 99.1 WNEW (@WNEW) September 13, 2012

Egypt, Libya, Yemen — how many more attacks on American diplomatic missions will we see before President Obama starts bothering with his intelligence briefings? How many more murders of American citizens?

But, you know, as he told a cheering crowd in Vegas, he had a “tough day.”

More from the AP:

The protesters breached the usually tight security around the embassy and reached the compound grounds but did not enter the main building housing the offices. Once inside the compound, they brought down the U.S. flag, burned it and replaced it with a black banner bearing Islam’s declaration of faith — “There is no *** but Allah.”

Before storming the grounds, demonstrators removed the embassy’s sign on the outer wall, set tires ablaze and pelted the compound with rocks.

Another photo of protesters trying to break through the second gate at the US Embassy in #Sanaa, #Yemen

— Alaa Jarban (@AJYemen) September 13, 2012

#Yemen | Photo : American flag at US Embassy #Sanaa replaced : "There is no *** but Allah & Muhammad is His Messenger."

— هيكل بافنع (@BaFana3) September 13, 2012

Outside the #US embassy in #Yemen now!

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— Ahmed Ali احمد علي (@ahmedali_) September 13, 2012

Protestors taking stuff from the #US embassy #Yemen RT @Dory_Eryani @akhbar

— Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) September 13, 2012

#PHOTO: Yemeni protesters storm US embassy in Sanaa, before being pushed back by police:

— Agence France-Presse (@AFP) September 13, 2012

A protester stands in front of a burning tyre by the US Embassy in Sana'a this morning:

— Iona Craig أيونا (@ionacraig) September 13, 2012

A new video of storming #USEmbassy #Yemen v @NoonArabia: @akhbar

— Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) September 13, 2012

No casualties have been reported yet:

Journalist Adam Baron was on the scene this morning.

Cloud of smoke rising in direction of US embassy in Sanaa… #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

Cloud of smoke rising in direction of US embassy in Sanaa… #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

At embassy, was briefly detained by Yemeni soldiers, fine now. Situation around embassy tense. #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

I'm somehow inside the security perimeter at a parking lot run by friend of friend. Can see soldiers launching tear gas #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

And now we have shots being fired in the air. #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

In addition to securing embassy, seems someYemeni troops also have time to try to shake me down for cash. #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

Situation very tense here, plume of smoke rising from by embassy, sound of warning shots ringing out #yemen

— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

Guys I'm with say some demonstrators were able to enter embassy from Sheraton street. #yemen

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— Adam Baron (@adammbaron) September 13, 2012

Blogger Atiaf Alwazir also witnessed the violence.

@nefermaat, myself & a friend just returned from the #US embassy where we wanted to film & take photos of what was happening #yemen

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

outside #US embassy in #Sanaa central security pointed a gun at @nefermaat beat him up with batons & wanted to confiscate his camera.

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

Protester outside #US embassy: "prior to coming we all agreed it was going to stay peaceful & NO ONE was going to storm the embassy!" #Yemen

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

Tear gas, gun shots, & smoke filled the area outside the #US embassy in #Sanaa #Yemen

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

a protester outside #US embassy: "Those who stormed embassy were thugs who used protest wanted to steal, not to make a statement" #Yemen

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

according to protesters there were two groups of protests in front of the #US embassy, one started at 8, another at 10 a.m. #Yemen

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

when central security was beating up @nefermaat i kept telling them "he's a journalist, he's a journalist" but they pushed me away #yemen

— Atiaf Alwazir (@WomanfromYemen) September 13, 2012

Naturally, the lapdoggies at MSDNC are focusing on what really matters as violence continues to erupt.

Almost like the folks at MSNBC are excited by the Yemen attacks because it will keep the "Romney story" alive.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) September 13, 2012

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Yemeni President Al-Hadi apologizes to Obama and the American people for attack on U.S. embassy in Sana'a.

— BNO News (@BNONews) September 13, 2012

Yemeni President Al-Hadi says "rowdy group" which attacked U.S. embassy in Sana'a will be prosecuted.

— BNO News (@BNONews) September 13, 2012

Possible lapdog media response:

But what about Mitt? DID ROMNEY APOLOGIZE??!?! RT @maggiepolitico: Yemen's pres. apologizes to Obama for embassy attack.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) September 13, 2012

Meanwhile, Egypt’s president is urging legal action in the U.S. against the makers of the Mohammed film.

Violence continues in Cairo.

RT @EgyIndependent: Update: 29 injured in clashes outside US embassy #Egypt #USEmbassyCairo

— Mona Eltahawy (@monaeltahawy) September 13, 2012

And protests have spread to Iran and Bangladesh.

Anti-Islam protests reportedly spread to Tehran; 500 Iranians chant "Death to America" at Swiss Embassy.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) September 13, 2012

REU: About 1,000 Bangladeshi Muslims protest anti-Islam film near U.S. Embassy in Dhaka; burn U.S. flag

— Michael van Poppel (@mpoppel) September 13, 2012

Twitchy will monitor the situation in the Middle East and update as developments occur.

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