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Planning Your Home Improvement Project

Planning Your Home Improvement Project

My interest in home improvement soared as I went through two projects in the South Florida area.-Homestead.I was successful in setting up a mushroom farm at Paradise Farms and also continued to set up Happyshrooms LLC, also at Homestead.Going through with these two projects and some other projects I have successfully implemented back in Ghana made me to gather a lot of experience.I am now extremely happy to lay down to the public some of the secrets of my success.These are important steps to be familiar with in any endeavor.

Firstly, it is most important to have a plan. Many overlook this step and in a haste to achieve results run into the implementation process without any serious planning. Such people are bound to encounter problems in the nearest future. Be patient and spend a lot of time planning Think through your plan and review your plan many times.Discuss your plan with many people and ask for advice from professionals or those you know have experience in similar projects.

We shall now go into the practical details of project planning. The first step I took was to sit down quietly and then jotted down all the pieces of work that needed to be done in other for the project to be successful.For instance ,to grow mushrooms I knew I had to have the following 1) A well conditioned growroom. 2)An incubation room 3)A laboratory 4)A location under a shed where I can be mixing my substrate and also bagging the substrate into breathable bags 5) A pateuriser to pasteurise the substrate bags 6) A pressure cooker for sterilising the millet seeds…… the list goes on and on.

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My next step was to breakdown this list into manageable pieces of work To breakdown the piece of work establishing a growroom, we can start with 1) levelling and concreting the floor 2)Fixing pillars at the four corners 3) Fixing the framework for the roof…….The breakdown could continue until satisfied.A time duration for the completion of each piece of work should be added.That is it. It is of utmost importance to seriously work within this time frame so we can achieve success.

For the work pieces which is beyound our capability we will very much want to hire an experienced contractor to execute the job. It is important to make sure such professionals are licenced , have insurance coverage and have references. Make sure that a contract is written which details the work to be done and the remuneration involved. Contact the references and asked them about issues pertaining to quality and the timeliness of the contractors work or any other questions you may think of.

A budget is necessary .This will include all the items that need to be bought and the costs involved. Make extensive research on the internet and at local hardware shops and home improvement stores as to how these items cost.You may come across cheaper prices if you do a good research work. Do not forget to add miscellaneous costs to the budget. Budgeting is an important part of the planning process. Quality home improvement products can be obtained cheaper with a little research.

You can be able to plan a lot of projects by seeking for more information and following the above guidelines. you will need a quiet home office environment to do this work.

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