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So A Man Decided To Build Something. Nothing New, Right? Wrong…This Is Awesomely Weird.

Most dedicated pet owners love to invest time and money in improving their pets’ lives… but not like this guy. One man decided that, for his cats, he wasn’t just going to build a cat tree. He was going to build a cat house. And he was going to do it by using HIS entire house.

It started with a huge pile of wood, a love for cats and obscene amount of free time.

Then, the building began. Cats love being in high places, so why not build a walkway?

… that spans the entire house.

The entire house is decked out in these walkways and there is even a cage outside for the kitties, so they can get some fresh air.

And for the weird ones, there is a walkway in the bathroom, too.

This man’s life and disposable income is dedicated to supporting the cats that roam his house. No more living on the streets for these little fellas.

Not only is the entire house a custom kitty tree, but the living room features stunning, hand-drawn portraits of the cats.

Everyone in the house loves the “Kitty Stimulus Package,” even the man’s wife.

Once again, it seems that being a cat would be way better than being a human. Especially with owners like this!

Crazy Cat Lady Person of the Year Award officially goes to this pet owner. Wow.


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