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So this was just posted in my building's notice board…

So this was just posted in my building's notice board...

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  1. TimothyTRiG Reply

    * Sensible dating. (I actually prefer 2014-06-05, but anything’s better than the way Americans do it.)

  2. drsleuth Reply

    “just posted” a month ago? hahaha

  3. losper Reply

    **** you Dan…

  4. arc1o1 Reply

    I googled the car name but with no results, anyone know what it looks like? I want to see how big of a douche this guy is.

  5. snohman Reply

    No one reply…

  6. LuminaryOne Reply

    *eats popcorn*

  7. macaronimonster Reply

    **** you, Dan!

  8. Elonth Reply

    sigh… has to be fake no number ends in 5555

  9. RadishKing Reply

    Also, the reason I post this is because I’ve seen people fistfight and key cars over parking. It’s a lousy way to react to bad parking.

  10. RadishKing Reply

    Unleash your downvote horde imgur.

  11. SirBraxton Reply

    5/6/2014….is totally “Today” right guys?!

  12. iamthisguy247 Reply

    I guess she’s telling him he better get audi that spot and fast.

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