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This Dad Just Made The Coolest Batcave For His Kids — Even Adults Will Be Jealous

Batman may be a fictionalized superhero, but he’s a character that leaves a lasting, real-world impression on kids and adults alike.

It’s hard not to idolize an average Joe with a commitment to justice (and a Batcave). I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a good chunk of my childhood daydreaming about spending my nights fighting crime in a fashionable spandex suit with my BFF Robin. Perhaps one of the greatest lessons my idolization of Batman taught me was that good always trumps evil.

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This incredible dad is proving that you don’t have to have powers to be a superhero. He took an unfinished crawlspace in his house and transformed it into a sick Batcave that any comic book buff would enjoy.

He began with this blank canvas located above his garage.

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In no time, he got to work on designing some storage options that would be big enough told hold a superhero’s gear.

If you’re building a Batcave, you need a secret entrance.

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This may look like just another storage unit, but when you open those cabinet doors, you’re transported to a top-secret superhero hangout.

He gave the room a fresh coat of paint and added these awesome Batman wall decals.

Even a cave-dwelling hero needs a little illumination. These Christmas lights did the trick!

And it wouldn’t have been an authentic Batcave without the addition of a Bat-Signal.

For more of Stryker’s awesome DIY projects, you can check out his Instructables page.

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