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This Is Exactly What You Expect When You Explore An Abandoned Funeral Home

In case you haven’t noticed, urban exploring has become a pretty popular pastime recently. We’ve featured quite a few creepy urban exploration stories, everything from old mental asylums to recently abandoned shopping malls slated for the wrecking ball. However, we’ve never featured an exploration of a derelict funeral home before.

Brace yourselves, it’s exactly as creepy as you might think.

Last year a group of urban explorers headed up by YouTuber Matt Glasscock discovered an abandoned funeral home near Birmingham, Alabama.

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So, of course they had to go explore it. Much of what was inside is what you’d expect from an abandoned building. Except here, there were plenty of leftover coffins to give the place an extra-creepy vibe.

Except, not all of the coffins were empty. In case you’re having trouble seeing, this coffin actually contains some sort of remains.

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Luckily, that was the only body these guys encountered here.

You can check out the full video from their exploration below.

(source Matt Glasscock)

What I want to know is how a body ended up getting left behind at the funeral home after they shut down? That just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hopefully, whatever or whomever those bones belong to doesn’t decide to haunt these explorers for disturbing their sleep.

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