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This Man Was Forced To Give Up His Dream. What He Built In His House Over 15 Years Is EPIC.

As a child, John Davis dreamt of being a pilot. He was obsessed with aviation. As he grew up, he realized he might not be able to fulfill his dream of being a commercial airline pilot because he didn’t have the mathematic skill set for it. Instead of giving up on his dreams, though, he found a way around the obstacle. John spent 15 years and over $30,000 building a life-sized Boeing 747-400 simulator. He can “fly” without ever leaving his home.

The flight simulator features light deck panels, passenger chairs and an auto-pilot system.

In front of the simulator, there is a six-foot screen with two monitors, creating realistic and panoramic view.

No one would expect such a normal home to have such a unique addition.

John’s obsession doesn’t bother his partner, though. His simulator is rented out, earning them over $3,000/month.

Nervous flyers, plane enthusiasts and pilots have all used his simulator.

It has “flown” over 47,000 miles.

In order to build the plane, John had to study photographs of a Boeing 747-400 cockpit online.

Then, he was able to order most of the parts for the aircraft over the Internet.

He spent a good portion of his budget buying the electronics and real flight simulator equipment.

Now, people visit his house seven days a week to have their hand at flying a Boeing aircraft.

(H/T Daily Mail) The cockpit is just as complicated as a real one, too. It requires training and knowledge to use. Even Allyson Mabey, John’s partner, avoids using it herself because she doesn’t know enough about flying to be able to use it properly, but she is fascinated by it. Not only does the cockpit let John feel like he is a real captain, he helps people overcome their fear of flying. “The aim is to help people who are nervous about flying by letting them get used to the feel and sounds of a real plane,” he says. A lot of people’s fear comes from the unknown when completely normal sounds occur mid-flight. If you have a passion in life, don’t give up on it. Be like John Davis. Share his awesome accomplishment!

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