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This Preschool Was Once The Pride Of The Community, And Now It’s Completely Abandoned

There is nothing more depressing than seeing a perfectly good building wasting away for no reason. Abandoned establishments are even creepier when they once brought joy to their communities.

You’ll see what I mean when you take a look at these photos posted by Redditor chemaster23 of an abandoned preschool building in rural Greece.

Here’s what it looked like when he approached.

The Redditor kept coming across black lumps that were scattered all over the property. They used to be oranges, but they succumbed to decay like everything else on the property.

All around the grounds were these pieces of red ribbon, and it looked like someone recently celebrated even though the school hasn’t been open for years.

The explorer also found some old school buses in the back.

And this is the world’s loneliest playground.

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Here are the stairs that lead inside.

This was once a cafeteria.

It looks like this kitchen was suddenly abandoned. Chemaster23 even discovered that there were still beans in that big pot on the stove.

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And these nasty cockroaches didn’t do the creepy atmosphere any favors.

The back of the building was just as messy…

…and just as depressing.

Here is a fallen sign from when the preschool was still operating. It was called “Happy Days Baby Club.”

(source: Reddit)

My guess is that this facility was another victim of the ongoing Greek economic crisis, judging by how new it looks in these photos. Let’s just hope that the children fared better than their school did.

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