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TOP 10 Upcoming CITY BUILDING Games 2017 2018 -Build Cities, Towns and Villages

TOP 10 Upcoming CITY BUILDING Games 2017 2018 -Build Cities, Towns and Villages

Welcome to a look at the Top 10 Upcoming City Building Games coming up in 2017 and 2018 at number 10 Frostpunk the makers 11 Bit claim Frostpunk is the first game in a new sub-Genre of Society survival a mixture of City Builder survival and society simulation So far the developers haven't revealed too much, but we'll take a look at some in-game screenshots after we enjoy this incredible cinematic trailer currently slated for release in the second half of 2017 Frostpunk puts us in a frozen world where people have to develop steam powered technology to overcome the overwhelming cold As well as managing the inhabitants and the infrastructure and the resources the developers want to force you to question your own morality When your society is pushed to the limits how far will you go to survive? And while we still don't know too much about this game one thing's for sure. This is one to watch Have you ever wanted to colonize a beautiful alien Paradise? Well, you pick the wrong game because in Aven Colony. You'll be faced with a low oxygen atmosphere extreme electrical storms, ice storms dust devils Deadly toxic gas eruptions and days so long they have their own seasons and don't expect the locals to be friendly either deadly plague spores A. Vicious fungal infection known as the creep And what planet would be complete without giant sand worms? And as well as defending yourself you'll have a few other things to keep you busy like taking care of morale social policies giving your colonists adequate jobs Health care entertainment food quality policing But for me the best thing about this Anno style colony builder is the beautiful building animations Build, Explore Expand and Survive Aven Colony is available on full release on the 25th of July 2017 the apocalypse has arrived and According to post-Apocalyptic settlement builder Atomic Society it's going to be pretty brutal Atomic Society is the true Indie game with a small development team of three people The game has been in development for two years and it's due to moving to alpha next month with a full release due is sometime in 2018 the Thing that sets this game apart from other city builders is your ability to mold the society Do you take a lenient approach and run an anarchic society that lets people pretty much do what they want? Or are you a cruel tyrant? Executing people for even minor infractions How will you deal with issues like drug use? Euthanasia or slavery Atomic society shares a lot in common with games like banished to a planet base But with another level of debt and every new survivor who comes to your post-apocalyptic town has a unique traits and talents How you feel with those people and handle the inevitable conflict in your society will be your biggest challenge You can be cruel or kind Build a town that's a beacon of hope or the stuff of nightmares What kind of leader will you be? The production that once was suddenly halted to a standstill when the economic depression hit the markets worldwide Factory stands stagnant trade has come to a grinding halt and jobs are disappearing at a rapid rate But what does that sound like my opportunity? Land and resources right for the takin Factories are itching to be fired up and hold smoking their lungs once more Gatherers are ready to supply the resources you will require Time is now to invest and to carve out your own industrial Empire by shaping the land to your will Foresight Factories hard work and the engine of what will make your world turn it is up to you to use What is there start small and build your company up hire Workforce? Manager Investments and strike profitable business skills But be prepared Your dream will not go unchallenged Others will compete for profits pollution will spread if left unchecked the natural disasters can hit at any time It's survival of the fittest an industry is your means to survive and prosper climb to the top and create your own industrial empire At number 6 Depraved And I'm glad this made the list because it gave me a chance to use that old style movie special effect of intron of you that for ages Now I'm sure there be a lot of people who look at this and instantly go Oh, it's another banished clone, but depraved has got enough in it to distinguish itself quite clearly from something like damaged Yes some things will be very familiar once you've selected a suitable place view first settlement You'll be procuring your building materials in good old mother nature and yes You'll need to supply your inhabitants with food and water and clothes and firewood But apart from the distinctive building style of the old west, when was the last time you saw a moving train in Banished? For a real life hanging in the town center or a gunfight in the middle of the street in fact the dangers that your town will face It's pretty staggering apart from the possibility of being hanged or shot Or starving to death or dying of thirst there's always the possibility of being eaten by a wolf or a bear or even been struck by lightning crop failures and famines epidemics Like Cholera and influenza raved by bandits and native Indians or maybe the whole guard down town a bird down The game has seasons day and night cycle weather from snow the storms and a whole slew of production James All in all I'd say this guy's worth a look This is a mass of rock and air mold it together in the infinite fabric of space intertwined to create the perfect environment for sustaining Life I.

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Am a living planet I was cold and alone for such a long time until One Day life burned into existence They began so small too Fragile and very young but with time they grew stronger and civilizations Rose from the dust from stone to Metal new technologies event And eventually they were in time fly time That that was not to be they drained my resources for centuries until I had nothing left again they injured my disasters and cured whatever diseases of One day they turned their gaze to start searching for others What they did not know was that they were not alone At number four we've got a game that I can't wait to get my hands on Ostriv Now some people will look at this game and say now. What's so exciting. It's just a 3D Banished but when I look at this game, I say Oh My ***, it's a 3D version of Banished and just like Banished, this is being developed by One guy yeah, one guy was created all this and If this was just a 3D version of vanished I'd be happy with that But this is better. This is way way better first and best unrestricted building placement you can put anything any way you want without any kind of bread or angle restriction and Look at the way the fence is merged Together I.

Love that You're able to affect the economy of your city by setting prices taxes and various policies And you also have access to trade routes with both neighboring towns and also distant countries by sea routes Now as well as a detailed economic simulation the game also attempts for more than human behavior People act like real people they've got their own motivations. There are needs their own skills citizens Will only take jobs if they're satisfied with them, or if they're really desperate They can sell goods and services to each other on the local market wealthy citizens Could actually start their own Businesses in your town and hire other people and at the other extreme they could also resort to violence and crime and the final word on this game, it's beautiful I. Love the 18th century Ukrainian architecture. We're going to be able to create some incredible things in the Gaul Or should I say the dream is to build upon a self-sufficient new World Far away from us We know it's not going to be easy but achieving dreams never is In such an unforgiving environment the challenges with as many Facts as humanity is to survive we need to succeed This is why? Only the best and most talented have been selected for this mission The picture I was going to look when it's finished No maybe there's one on the box I.

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Don't think there is a box philosophical thanks to me Trophico is an undisputed paradise But the values of our Paradise are now being threatened threatened by populists and despots! I. El Presidente will prevent it I accept the nomination for another presidential service I. Will make tropical even greater even bigger and even better instead of Walls I will be rigid bringing tropical islands and people together rather than separating their Screw means of transportation will offer great opportunities of exchange to you and our visitor I will bring diversity culture on the wonders of the world to Tropical so that all nations will look upon us in vote for El Presidente Vote for Tropico 6 at number one ancient cities And this will come as no surprise to anyone who's been watching my channel for the last couple of weeks because I have been raving about this game Not only is the game Incredibly beautiful which you can see for yourself the game just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised 125 percent of what they'd asked for which was a hundred and twenty five thousand euros which means as well as all the Features that they promised us We also get fluid Dynamics which means we're going to have running water in the game and the list of features is Impressive procedural world Generation simulated day and night cycles simulated seasonal cycles weather simulation while animal and plants cycle of Life farming system resource collection storage family tree for citizens, that's one of my favorites character attributes a tech tree and decay of resources and buildings which should prove interesting The Game will have factions of the tribes competing for your resources power and alliances There's a world adventure system. Which can apparently change the course of history and just to make things a little bit more interesting predators that will hunt your animals a complex religious system politics and disasters like sicknesses If they get this right this could become a genre redefining game But we won't know until we get our first look at it Which is going to be sometime probably summer next year? And the game will finally be released in all its glory at the end of 2018 That's it for my top 10.

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