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University of Pittsburgh receives 57th bomb threat!/andyabroad/status/189419723220463617

Bomb threat has been received for Heinz Chapel, Panther Central, and Victoria Hall. Evacuate immediately.

— Oakland Zoo (@OaklandZoo) April 9, 2012

7 buildings currently under bomb threat at #pitt, though not the Cathedral. three batches of threats so far today.

— Annette Vee (@anetv) April 9, 2012

Bomb threat at Victoria right in the middle of our presentation (and I was speaking) -____-

— 4⃣Bidden Fruit (@NefertAngie) April 9, 2012

This bomb threat business at Pitt is crazy. If I went there I'd be ****** that I was paying for tuition only to keep having class cancelled

— Gilly (@kickuinthetight) April 9, 2012

just lost my bomb threat evacuation virginity! #awesome

— Kaytee (@KayteeBee_) April 9, 2012

dear bomb threat guy, i planned on your ***** *** calling a threat during my quiz so i didnt study, thanks, but i still hate you #lucky

— D'johnny (@JT_THREE) April 9, 2012

We will update this post with additional information and tweets as they’re received. Below is a compilation of tweets from people familiar with the University of Pittsburgh and the wave of bomb threats they’ve been receiving.

University club houses sick children awaiting treatment at upmc. bomb threat guy just reached an even higher level of douchebaggery #*******

— Carly Brog (@carly_brog) April 9, 2012!/yinzrreadin/status/189420837189861376

Lmao a bomb threat for Panther Central? U serious bro? Pretty sure someone would have seen that if it was legit

— Kevin (@IfTheShoeFITTS) April 9, 2012!/ohhitsnia/status/189419374204030976

Panther Central threat essentially means a threat to towers.

— JD Schroeder (@Sta7ic) April 9, 2012

Bomb threats to Heinz chapel and panther central???? What the hellll

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— Ali Laubscher (@alilobster) April 9, 2012

There's probably a combined 4 people in panther central and Heinz chapel right now

— Sir_Cuff_Allot (@Sir_Freshiest_J) April 9, 2012

Panther Central?!? Aren't there pretty much people at the front all the time? This is more than ridiculous.

— Jess (@pittjess11) April 9, 2012

theyre not serious are they.. no one was in duty in panther central for enough time for a whole bomb to be laid down?? stop it.

— Jean Michele (@RealJDawg) April 9, 2012

Just realized I can't get a lock out code cuz panther central was evacuated. ****. #bombthreatprobs

— Ami (@victorianwench) April 4, 2012

The whole #Pitt bomb threat thing is ridiculous. When they get caught I hope for worst punishment possible and then some.

— Clay (@YinzPittsburgh) April 9, 2012!/carm_sauce/status/189426337088421889

@TPBderek I work for Pitt, woke up at 4am to bomb threat texts and just had to leave work for one. So annoying. Better not mess w/playoffs.

— Andy Marino (@Swiggins519) April 9, 2012!/RickHouse1213/status/189427221302214656

Our 57th bomb threat was sent to the heinz chapel…very funny

— Dakota Arturo (@DakotaArturo) April 9, 2012!/shaley_nicole/status/189429390290067456

57th bomb threat at Heniz chapel. Think you've got jokes??

— Shan Moni (@shanball12) April 9, 2012

I can't believe the ***** this Pitt bomb threat guy has,he has to know they are going to catch him,he's going to jail for a nice long time.

— Jordan (@JordanRules2323) April 9, 2012

Only going back to school so I can get my pink glittery heels from the mail center before they get a bomb threat too #PantherProbs

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— kp (@kpadovani) April 9, 2012!/Ky_guy2/status/189431889713569792

PITT bomb threat #57….beyond frustrated that the Campus has not been shut down!!!!

— Sue Stever (@SueStever) April 9, 2012

UPDATE: The bomb threats have been lifted and students are being allowed to re-enter the buildings.

3:00 pm class cancelled due to bomb threat in the building. However, all buildings just got cleared. Total bomb threats since February: 57

— SuperMerLockSly Who? (@PharaohsWitch) April 9, 2012

@SopranoVictoria Thanks girlfriend :). The bomb threat just lifted at the studio so I'm going to go try to puke out an idea. LET'S GO!

— Abby Ryder (@abbyryd) April 9, 2012

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