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Wendy’s tops Burger King as 2nd biggest burger chain!/CaesarFACT/status/181868208876302337

From USA Today:

Wendy’s has dethroned Burger King as the country’s second biggest hamburger chain.

Wendy’s edged out Burger King in U.S. sales volume for the first time last year since Wendy’s was founded in 1969, according to a report by the food industry research firm Technomic that’s set to be released April 13.

Wendy’s had sales of $8.5 billion in 2011, compared with $8.4 billion for Burger King. McDonald’s remained far larger than both with $34.2 billion in sales.

Dang Wendys just took over the number 2 spot from BK in the burger rankings.

— Top Shelf Ent (@JoeyMandraJr) March 19, 2012

Suck it, freaky King almost human mascot – RT Wendy's overtakes Burger King as No. 2 U.S. burger chain #donteatthere

— Jesse Burke (@JLBurke) March 19, 2012

@Wendys congrats on moving to number 2! Great marketing and building remodels!

— Derrick Dunne (@dunnedm) March 19, 2012

Aparently wendys kicked out burger king for the number 2 spot in fast food , what a waste of a news report from fox

— Dino Dan (@Danjkelly17) March 19, 2012!/jwizzle03/status/181863644089417729

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