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What This Guy Does With Toothpicks Has Nothing To Do With Teeth

Artists are known for building entire worlds out of thin air.

Some take a two-dimensional approach and others invite a third to the party, letting graphite, clay, and blocks of wood be their creative guides. But some people, like artist Bob Morehead, prefer to inject every single step in their process with a healthy dose of ingenuity.

For Morehead, that starts with his choice of materials. Instead of using wood in the traditional sense, he builds structures out of thousands and thousands of toothpicks.

His most famous project to date is a collection called “Bob’s Toothpick City.”

The hulking series required the use of over 300,000 toothpicks.

Impressively, no forms were used to create these pieces.

“Each building is unique. Some contain multiple rooms, floors, windows, and stairways,” he writes.

Because he was born in Italy, Morehead has always been fascinated by the stacked architecture of the Amalfi Coast.

That paired with a healthy appreciation for all things atypical inspired him to turn individual structures into a sprawling metropolis.

Although most people argue that art is best viewed from afar, Morehead’s work flies in the face of that notion by looking just as stunning from up close, if not more so.

Each building in the collection is a member of one seriously unique cast of characters.

And it’s no secret that this artist’s attention to detail is in a league of its own.

To learn more about Bob Morehead and his growing collection, be sure to check out his website.

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