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Why Do Most European Houses Have White Interior Walls

Why Do Most European Houses Have White Interior Walls

If you are intrigued on seeing the sheer number of European houses with white interior walls and are wondering if they are averse to using other colours, think again. White walls in European house, contrary to some beliefs, are not just a standard delivered by the contractors but also a style choice for many homeowners. Lets take a look at some of the reasons why most European houses have white walls:

  1. A neutral colour – As a neutral colour, white is easily paired with furniture and accessories of any colour and design, serving as a blank canvas for homeowners to experiment as per their will for the decor scheme. Any top interior designer will also tell you that making mistakes with white is fairly easy as it can simply be painted over for a new look.
  2. A traditional choice – Traditionally, white was used to paint not just the interiors nut also exterior walls of homes as it was supposed to keep insects away. Walls were whitewashed with lime to make them impermeable for bugs and insects.
  3. White reflects light and brightens up the room The ability of light to make the most of the natural and incandescent light falling upon its surface to create a bright and well-lit atmosphere is also the reason why most homes in Europe have their walls painted in white.
  4. All white for luxury One can never go wrong when it comes to decorating the home with white. Which is why the best interior designer in Europe often recommend using white, in its stark shade or in the sundry other options like ivory, mother of pearl, tallow, etc. available with paint manufacturers to even create luxury interior design.
  5. Creates a soothing and relaxing ambience White creates a soothing and calming ambience with its light neutral shades. Instead of using clean and simple lines which might create a formal and neat appearance, opt for frills and distressed finishing in furniture and furnishings. Think of white lace to soften the appearance of any room.
  6. White is a practical choice for paint, upholstery, furnishings, furniture, accessories et al, white is a practical choice, one you can always depend on to create a stylish ambience for the home. Any theme, any design, any pattern and colour work equally well with white making it a great choice for painting the interior walls.
  7. White has the power to create harmony in decor Regardless of whether you have different decor schemes for different rooms in the house, different furniture and even different kinds of flooring, white walls will encourage flow and continuity for an overall harmonious look for your home, making it the preferred colour for walls.
  8. For a no-frills decor Those who like to keep their homes clutter free and designed along the minimalist modern styles turn to white to help them create the desired decor in their home. Even with the bare minimum of furniture and accessories, stark white painted walls create an air of sophistication and elegance.
  9. Creating old world luxury comes easy with white For those who seek the classically elegant vintage look for their homes, white walls are the perfect. Pair them with polished wood furniture and delicate fabrics like lace and net for a throwback to the earlier centuries.
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White walls are in essence practical, functional and even stylish for interiors. Popular in homes in Europe, they can be adopted for just about any space to create mesmerizing and stunning interiors with just a little planning and consideration. So dont hesitate to use white to paint the interior walls of your home with white.

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