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As the name suggests and putting it simply, house builders build houses. From identifying suitable spaces to develop, to building the homes, to marketing them and selling them. When it comes to working for a house builder, there s far more to get excited about than just bricks and mortar. The current housing shortage is one .Get into House building it could be right up This means that house builders have a lot of departments that do very different jobs. To find out more about We work extensively right across the country in villages, towns and cities, and as a result we are working on thousands of sites at any one time. So don t worry if you .House building really is a unique industry to work in, one in which you ll be given the chance to really achieve something..Big construction companies have people who specialise in identifying and purchasing pieces of land which are suitable for the housing development. It is important that house building companies work closely with the Local Authority Planning Department. All building work has to have planning permission to make sure that .

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