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Wooden Dog Houses Versus Plastic Houses Which to Choose

Wooden Dog Houses Versus Plastic Houses Which to Choose

If you are in the market for a dog house, then you will soon be faced with a
choice – whether to choose a wooden dog house or a plastic dog house. There are
obviously pros and cons for both of them, so making sure you fully understand
them is important before you make your purchase.

In general, most people
believe that wooden dog houses are longer lasting and more traditional in
nature. After all, when you imagine your backyard, you probably don’t think of a
plastic dog house, you think of a wooden one. The most obvious benefit of having
a wooden dog house is the look. Wooden dog houses look more traditional and they
convey an old-fashioned feeling to any backyard, but that doesn’t mean that they
will last. If they aren’t build out of good wood, they won’t last one summer (or

Some of the newer plastic dog houses will literally last for
decades, but they don’t always look that great. However, if you go to the higher
end of the price scale, you will begin to see some that actually look a lot more
like natural wood.

If you are concerned with how easy a dog house is to
put together, then you should know that a plastic one is almost always easier.
In most cases, whether you buy them online or in a pet store, you will find that
they easily snap together, while a wooden dog house requires nails, screws, or
pins and dowels. Some people like all of this work, but if you don’t, then
choose the plastic type.

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One consideration that you should keep in mind
is the comfort of your dog. Both plastic and wooden dog houses have advantages.
Some people will tell you that plastic dog houses provide more ventilation, but
that really depends on how it is built. As long as any dog house is properly
seated with at least an inch or two of air between the bottom of the dog house
and the ground, it should have enough ventilation to keep your dog cool in
summer and warmer in the winter.

If you live in an area that has a lot of
fleas, ticks, or other bugs and pests that attack dogs, then you might be better
off with a plastic dog house. This is because they are easier to fumigate and
also easier to clean on a regular basis.

Finally, if you are looking at
price alone, you will find both plastic and wooden dog houses in a variety of
price ranges, and you often get what you pay for. Since a dog house has to be
both appropriate in size and safe for your dog, it is important that you don’t
go too cheap since you might end up with one that is not as safe as it could be.
Of course, paying top dollar for a dog house doesn’t mean that you will get the
best one, so be sure to shop around first.

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